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The PSPT Academy site is a streaming WEB site that is intended to speed the post graduate learning experience. It bridges the gaps between textbook theories and practical electrical power systems experience. The various modules are structured to focus on just what the student is looking for; from very basic electricity training to the most advanced high voltage power system analysis.

Power Systems Protection Training (PSPT) will also train at the client's location, providing core training, tailored to the client’s needs in industry & educational institutions, focused on the electrical Power Sector with interests in the fundamental areas of:

Basic Electrical Theory
Power Infrastructure (Lines, Transformers, Breakers)
Digital – Electric Circuits
Relay Protection
Per Unit & Symmetrical Components
Three Phase Power System Short Circuit Analysis

The inimitable key to Power Systems Protection Training is the fact that the instructors and course designers come from the utility industry and bring with them, decades of working experience in these fundamental areas.


The sessions are flexibly designed around the client’s needs in the following manner:

First, we assess the client’s needs.
Then we design the course around that assessment, using the pre-existing set of modules.
After that, we collaborate on delivery dates, time & duration.
The program is then delivered in-person by an experienced Instructor.

More information including contact information may be found at the PSPT WEB site:

or by e-mail: